Grades Taught

Programs for students in Grades 1-12 with centres in Edson, Evansburg, Grande Cache, Hinton, and Jasper.


The Learning Connection, under the jurisdiction of Grande Yellowhead Public School Division #77, offers students and families an educational alternative to the traditional school setting. With TLC sites in Edson, Evansburg, Grande Cache, Hinton, and Jasper, we provide grade one through grade twelve programming in a flexible and friendly learning environment.


TLC opened in 1995 when Outreach Programs were established by Alberta Education to support students whose needs were not being met by regular school programs and services. 

Students who choose TLC do so for many different reasons. For example, students may choose TLC because they ...

  • want to take their entire school program at TLC
  • need to complete only a few courses to complete their graduation requirements
  • are working and unable to fit a regular high school program into their schedules
  • were referred by other schools or the school board
  • require upgraded marks for post-secondary entry
  • want to return to school 
  • desire flexibility in day-to-day programming
  • are parenting
  • plan to travel during the school year
  • find learning difficult in a traditional school environment
  • are coping with mental or physical health issues
  • are involved in sports or fine arts programs that make it difficult to attend school full-time
  • find that traditional schools do not mesh with their religious or cultural norms
  • prefer 1:1 instruction
  • like to work at their own pace
  • hope to complete their program in a shorter time-frame 
  • would like an individualized school program

All students are welcome at TLC! In-home programming is available for children in grades one through nine while high school students can earn their Alberta High School Diploma at TLC.

TLC staff take into account different learning styles and the personal needs of each individual. Students progress at their own pace through course work and have the opportunity to work independently on their studies with the support and guidance of subject-specialist teachers.



Supporting Student Success


At TLC, we are guided by these Principles of Education:

  • All students can learn.
  • Students learn in different ways.
  • Students learn in different time-frames.
  • Errors are inherent in the learning process.
  • Formative assessments should be frequent.
  • Life circumstances do not inhibit the ability to learn.